'Cosmic' double bass

Basse_Cosmique_Face full.jpg
Basse_Cosmique_Dos full.jpg
Basse_Cosmique_Face coffre.jpg
Basse_Cosmique_Tete 45o.jpg
Basse_Cosmique_Dos coffre.jpg
Basse_Cosmique_Tete graves.jpg
Basse_Cosmique_Tete dos.jpg
Basse_Cosmique_Tete aigus.jpg

This double bass was exposed at Cremona, Italy within the framework of: XIII Concorso Triennale Internazionale degli strumenti ad Arco Antonio Stradivari

This double bass was excluded from competing but included in the exposition with winners and participants and included in the exposition catalog.

Judges and organizers unanimously decided to expose it in solo during the competition mentioning his sound qualities, his aesthetic and the personalized work on this instrument.


  • Body length : 111.5 cm
  • Body width :
    • Upper : 51.5 cm
    • Lower : 69.4 cm
  • Ribs width :
    • Upper : 15.0 cm
    • Lower : 22.5 cm
  • Length string : 41"

Photographer: Jean Fitzgerald