The Wave


(1) Double bass 4 string with low B extension "The Wave".

The two piece arched back is of poplar with ribs of matching character. The table top is of European spruce. The removable and adjustable neck © Lamario is of European flamed maple. The tailpiece, the fingerboard, the tuning pegs, the extension as well as the capos are in ebony. The outline model for tables was inspired according to Oreste Cavallini’s double bass.

(4) Personalized F with bird singing head.

(4)(6) Facets arched © Lamario.

(6) The button : Purfling finishing with a wave.

The neck:

(7)(9) The head represents March 2011, Japanese tsunami wave, realised at the memory of Japanese people.

(8) Peg box back is opened and represents a water drop which flow out and finishes with a drop on which is engraved on surface with the atom symbol.

(7) The bottom peg box back is finished with a wave.

Dimensions :

  • Body length : 112.3 cm
  • Body width :
    • Upper : 51.4 cm
    • Lower : 71.4 cm
  • Ribs width :
    • Upper : 16.0 cm
    • Lower : 22.7 cm
  • Length string : 40" 1/8

Photographer: Jean Fitzgerald