The Snow Goose


(1) 5-string double bass with low b extension and facets, model ‘Lamario’ 2009 "Snow goose".

Dimensions :

  • Body length : 111.5 cm
  • Body width :
    • Upper : 51.5 cm
    • Lower : 69.4 cm
  • Ribs width :
    • Upper : 15.0 cm
    • Lower : 22.0 cm
  • Length string : 41’’

The two piece top with facets is of spruce.
The arched two piece back with facets as well as the neck and ribs are of maple.
Tuning pegs, tailpiece and capos are of rosewood.
This personal double bass model has long ‘C’s’ and little corners to make it easier to play with a German bow.
The harmony starts from low B to high C.
The instrument allows tension adjustments of neck, bridge and tailpiece to explore the sound that is researched.
The personalized ‘F’ Lamario has above a bird head.

(2) The tailpiece is adjustable in height to fix strings tension ©. The neck is removable, Lamario system ©.

(3) Facets double bass, back view, with upper back design of low relief.

(4) The empty space between the extension and the peg box represents birds’ flight. Capos have been made of egg shape and those capos have become birds in state of meditation. Detachable tuning pegs bouts of egg shape represent life at the beginning of cell division. The extension extremity with bird head form is a homage to the mystic of Inuit Canadian Far North.

(5) This low relief symbolizes the importance of the snow geese migration toward the Canadian Far North. On the peg box bottom, an egg is held preciously by two feet of goose. Above the egg, the earth inhabited by scattered black spruces receive the geese in an illuminated sky by a dance of northern lights colors.

(6) Peg box with point of view opposed to the precedent. Note that the scroll terminal button is terminated into egg form. You see at the peg box bottom one of the webbed feet which maintains the precious egg.

(7) The upper ‘F’s’ have a snow goose head. The tailpiece begins with a taking fly bird and finishes at the bottom with one webbed foot.

(8) Detail of the bottom low relief symbolising the taking fly of a snow goose couple from Montmagny, Quebec toward the Canadian Far North. Higher purflings are opened and greet the passage of these great travellers without border.

(9) Personalised scroll at concave rolling up with a low B extension.

Photographer: Kamara - Thomas Königsthal Jr