Semi-Acoustic bass

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This double bass was made to be amplified, to be used for the acoustics practice, and to be transported in a compact way on a journey


  • String length: 41 inches
  • Body length: 115 cm
  • Wide upper: 28 cm
  • Wide lower: 40,5 cm
  • Thickness: 18 cm

The removable neck also allows the setting of the string's height to the fingerboard. The shoulder is an aluminium stem which is inclined and which recovers. The pegs box is of a particular design for this double bass.

The tabletop is made of spruce, the ribs are made of cherry tree plywood and the back is made of cherry tree. The harmonics hearths are placed in the ribs and have the shape of a bird which flies.

The neck is made of flamed maple and its fingerboard is made of ebony.

Pickups: Full circle, David Gage or K&K bass max.

This double bass can be transported in a cover or a box of 48 inches long for easy transport in plane or boat... It is assembled in a few minutes.