Strad Magazine

Magazine that cover string instruments and music.

All things Strings

Magazine that cover strings instruments.

La scena musicale

Canadian magazine on classical, opera, jazz and world music.


Conseil des métiers d'arts du Québec

Quebec artisans council.

ISB World Office

The ISB is a forum for communication among bassists throughout the world and across a wide variety of musical styles.

Violin Society of America

Their purpose is to promote the art and science of making, repairing and preserving stringed musical instruments and their bows.

Accessories and Resources


To eliminate the risk of cracks in the heel and stabilize the neck

Ehrlund Microphones

Double basses pickups available directly at my workshop.


Gollihur Music

Impressive collection of links for doublebass

Rouillard cases

Seller of the best musical instrument cases.

Anima Nova

Carbon fiber soundposts for violins, altos, cellos and double basses.


Diana Gannett

Owner of a Lamario doublebass ‘Venus’ - Excellent double bass musician, performer and teacher, you’ll find on her website; music (CD), pedagogy books as well as accessories.


Group whose bassist owns a Lamario's double-bass with a removable neck and an integrated double extension.

Frédéric Alarie

Jazz musician that play with a Lamario double bass. Musician, composer, soloist.

Mike Downes

Mike Downes's Website: Bassist, composer, author and educator - Canadian finest jazz artist